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If you’d ask us for one simple message behind what we do, one single thing that all our products have in common, it is that




Founded by a lover of fine materials and high quality craftsmanship Lux & Deals has quickly grown to offer a wide selection of beautiful items from all over the world. 

With us you get amazing deals on these items; from the most beautiful handcrafted Swiss & Italian leather bags and shoes to up-to-date clothing accessories and traditional watches from Switzerland.
Quality doesn’t have to come at steep price tags though, which is why we always try to offer you the best deals possible.


We want you to be be able to enjoy our products as much as we do, to have that little bit of luxury in your day-to-day life that will make you feel good and confident in your skin.


We’d love to invite you on this journey with us, to explore our range of beautiful luxury items and enjoy the feeling of purchasing something that you will enjoy day after day, year after year and may well pass on to the next Generation for them to enjoy.